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Dec 21, 2019
In Food
Just wanted to drop a note about the futility of following nutrition science. Sometimes I forget and then, like today, I find myself in a Barnes and Noble picking up a nutrition or food health-related book. Today I picked up a book called The Longevity Paradox because, well, I think paradoxical things are interesting. I really like when what you expect to happen doesn't and what does happen is the exact opposite of what you'd expect. Its a great reminder, to me anyway, that we think we understand everything but, in truth, understand nothing. anywho... I flipped to a page in the book that was talking about how the keto folk are all wrong with their saturated fats because they encourage the growth of some kind of harmful gut microbes, that peanut oil is the single most damaging oil to use and MAKE SURE you are not eating dairy from American cows because they contain c1 casein. What you really want is c2 casein, which is from cows and goats that we have absolutely no access to because only cows basically on Mars make that kind of milk... I literally laughed out loud and was so grateful to be reminded of how difficult and scary we can make the simple act of nourishing ourselves.


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