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Libby B.
Jul 15, 2020
In Food
Hi there! New to posting, although I've been following Skwigg for like 10 years! Like most of us, I have a long history of weight issues. I did have a long period of recovery from binge eating & restriction (like 10-12 years) by doing intuitive eating and OA, then fell back into old habits after having my second child...doing WW, intermittent fasting, and being super focused on food and weight loss again. I reached a breaking point when I was eating one meal a day (IF) and was still gaining weight. I have been working with a therapist and recommitting to mindful/intuitive eating for the past 4-5 months. Although I'm not binging and don't even really feel like I'm overeating, I've gained like 25 pounds...maybe close to 30. That's like 20% of my previous weight. I feel totally demoralized and like my body is broken. I wasn't underweight when I started - if anything, I was teetering on the brink of an overweight BMI, so I really can't afford a large weight gain. My therapist assures me it will eventually even out, but I need some more concrete strategies to move forward in my journey. I am concerned that maybe I'm just eating a lot more than my body needs, even if it feels good and intuitive. Now I'm wondering if this whole thing was a big mistake...

Libby B.

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