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Stephanie Buttermore
In Mindset
Jul 25, 2019
I have a few thoughts. I have followed her in the past but kind of stopped because I found her behaviours to be quite disordered. I won't go into details here but if you are familiar with her stuff you'll know what I mean. However, I really like her and think she is sweet so would dip in and out of her channel etc. Because I have HA and am part of a couple of support groups, she came up because she'd done an interview with a lady who is a HA expert. 'All in' in a concept created by Nicola Rinaldi as a means of recovering your period. Stephanie doesn't have HA so when she first put out her "I'm going all in" announcement I was a bit cynical - thought it might be a way of staying relevant in the growing movement of anti-diet and body positive messaging - a bit of a draw card/way of building audience etc. But as the time has gone on, I believe she has genuine and valid reasons for it and I am enjoying the way she is portraying her journey.... Mind you, she has a boyfriend supporting her every step of the way and telling her she is beautiful, she is being cheered on by half a million subscribers. And she is absolutely stunning and has only been 'recovering' for 6 weeks. It is a lot harder under different circumstances as many of us here know. When you have been suffering for 10 years and have hundreds of false starts under your belt and completely alone in it all and too scared to tell anyone if your world - it's not as easy. So in that way, I feel like she has 'privilege' in going through the process. If that makes sense. Hard to explain what I mean.
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