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Feb 23, 2019
In Food
Struggling. Really struggling with binging right now. Hoping to get some feedback here. My weight is up about 5 pounds higher than last year. I have a more stressful job this year and work more. I know I lose weight when I'm happier. That's one thing right there. Happiness for me is huge in terms of my weight. But I'm also binging a few days per week right now. It's stress eating. I eat well for a few days and then binge. By well - I don't mean restricting. I eat healthy and balanced and a few treats on my healthy, happy days. But when I binge, it's like a different animal comes out. A different person. I'm two different eating people. I'm myself Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Then I go off the rails Tuesday-Thursday. By off the rails, it's not something delicious, either. It's hunting in the cabinets, eating all the snacks in the house, etc. I think it's stress, exhaustion, all the feels of what I'm handling at work. I need some help getting out of the bingey cycle. What should I do? I've been down this road since I was 13 so this is an old cycle and an old habit.


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