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Jan 17, 2023
In Fitness in case anyone wants to try their workouts. Mostly StrongFirst KB stuff. I have done a few and I like them. Short and sweet; no weird/fluff movements. (One thing I hate about KB workouts on Youtube.)
Sep 01, 2021
In Fitness
I recently discovered this channel on Youtube. He's like the male version of Zuzka, hahaha. His workouts are no joke! The ones we've tried so far have been very intense (since rest is none to minimal) and will definitely kick your butt. I thought about sharing his channel since it's still very small and I would like him to keep churning KB workouts. BTW if you're concerned about his form, it's excellent and his workouts are usually the push/pull/squat/hinge variety. I think he's legit. Jason and Lauren (formerly StrongFirst team leaders, don't know if they still are since they seem to have pivoted to growing their online business) are also good if you're looking for more mellowed down workouts. Hope someone will find this post helpful!


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