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Feb 14, 2022
@sarah too , I dig Next Level Chef’s concept, and I‘ve liked the show when I see it. But I have such a hard time keeping track of shows, and it doesn’t help I don’t record them for future viewing, either. But I’m a sucker for a good culinary competition! I just finished watching the Electrical Life of Louis Wain on Amazon Prime, and I liked it. It wasn’t all cute kittens and rainbows (Louis Wain‘s life was very, very difficult, even without his mental illness). But it was a bit irreverent, which I like, and ultimately triumphant. But maybe one has to be a crazy cat person to really like it. Anyway, it was cozy viewing on a Sunday evening, and a bit of a tearjerker, but not too sad. I also saw the latest season of Cobra Kai on Netflix. I think people should settle their beefs with a good martial arts fight😆 The callbacks to the original movies, and the pop culture references (they show snippets of the movie Bloodsport!!) in the current season made me smile. Lastly, the Sparks Brothers documentary on Netflix is terrific. It’s nuts how a band of their longevity (they’ve released 25 albums) has flown under the radar for so long, yet they‘re worshipped by many well-known acts. Weird Al Yankovic, Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and John Tyler from Duran Duran are just some of the musicians who talk about their love of Sparks in the flick. I’ve been watching a lot of their music videos on YouTube, and a few commenters said they feel they’ve experienced the Mandela Effect in not having heard about this band, despite growing up in the 70s and 80s. And it‘s true - they made numerous appearances on American Bandstand, and I remember them from the Fright Night movie soundtrack. But because they never got serious radio airplay in the US, they remained a cult band.


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