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Nov 19, 2018
In Food
Hi friends! I've been reading here for AGES, and I suppose I should give a little backstory- I'm currently trying to gain weight to regain my period. I was bulimic for about 12 years, and always always calorie counting and generally undereating. I've also been underweight (nothing crazy) for about 12 also... I've never been "in treatment," but I've been reading Brain Over Binge, and that's what finally helped me quit binge eating and purging. NOW I can see that it alllllll went hand in hand- the undereating to "maintain" my too-thin body, and the binging as a reaction to the undereating, times a million. Currently- I've been "trying" to eat intuitively AND gain weight for two or three months, and I'm not making any headway or really changing my patterns. Has anyone followed the "minnie maud" guidelines (2500-3500 calories of food a day with minimal exercise, until the body has reached it's set point)? If not, what have you done that's helped you instead? ❤️ ❤️


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