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Apr 10, 2022
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Year of Strength with Sohee
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Sep 15, 2021
I did my first workout from the program this morning. It was a lower body unilateral and core workout. She provides a dynamic warmup each month that has some mobility drills in it. I started with that. Well, technically, I started with 5 min on the stationary bike just to warm-up/wake up my body (I workout straight after waking up). So: stationary bike 5min, mobility work and lower body workout. The total time for all of that was 40min and I didn't do the rest times as prescribed nor did I do all the prescribed sets. The warmup and workout weren't too bad. I was a bit annoyed at having to link to videos for every single exercise though. The videos are password protected so when you click the link you have to load the page for the password, enter the password, then load the next page with the video. Under circumstances where I have unlimited time on my hands, this wouldn't have irritated me so much, but I'm under time restraints in the morning and really felt like I was wasting my time watching exercise videos. To fix this, I'm going to go through the workout and watch any necessary exercise videos the night before instead. I remembered (too late) that I used to have to do the same thing with ZGym workouts. Even though I workout at home, I did the gym version of the workout and it went fine. There were B-Stance squats, B stance hip thrusts, 1.5 rep RDLs (My lower back did not like these!), single leg box squats, single leg DB hip thrusts, single leg BW hip thrusts and then palloff presses. It was a lot more than I usually do in a lower body workout which is why I did about 1 set less of everything than was prescribed. I'll update with thoughts after I do the first upper body workout on Friday.
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