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Nov 20, 2021
Exercise for Weight Loss?
In Fitness
Mar 28, 2021
Here's a little interesting real-life experience that I could share. So, I've been teaching from home for a year now. This means I have much more time to exercise in the morning since I don't need to get dressed, eat, have a lunch and drive to school to get ready. I love to work out as we all know, but have long since ditched over-exercising. I have definitely been getting in more this last year for several reasons besides the one that I love the feeling. I have more time, there was nothing else TO do for many of those months, I was working far less hard physically, I sat most of the day, I could take a quick nap, I slept in longer, I gradually built up more fitness, and I wasn't do hot yoga on top of all this. So, I wasn't over-exercising for me at this point in my life, but I was doing quite a bit more and more frequently. The result in my body shape/size/composition? Nada, zilch, nothin'. I wasn't restricting food so I was naturally eating more and moving less when not in the (garage) gym. It was winter for much of this so I was taking less dog walks. I didn't gain weight or flab because I was compensating in other ways and not overdoing it, but I didn't lose weight, look tighter or show more muscle. The point? IT. DOESNT. MATTER. When I go back to actual school here in about 3 weeks (yes! yes! yes! I often comment that distance learning will kill me before any virus does), I will naturally turn this way down. I'll be on a schedule. I'll be tired. I'll have way less access to food. I'll sleep in. and since I'm fully vaccinated (thank you) I'll go back to yoga again. It all works out if you're doing what works for you. ANY forcing of the exercise (for me. And I admit I did do that still sometimes when I worked because I'd skip several in a row and think I "should") - none of that matters. I've been active for about 30 years consistently because I love it. I hike, do yoga, walk, snowboard for fun. I LOVE active vacations. I'm not happy or well sitting too much or going too long without using my body to exertion. So why would I EVER need to "worry, plan or force" exercise. While I love those typically fun activities, I also love jogging, stair climbing, jumping rope, battle ropes and weights. This is not a person I'm describing here who ever needs to be concerned that they'll stop and fall into one big blob of unfitness (?) on the chair. More exercise? There's a season for that for me (non working times) and less? There's a season for that, too. None of it makes any difference in the way my body looks or what the scale says. None. So if you don't like to exercise, don't worry is my take. If you do, great and it's for sure healthy for you (to a degree). Too much is most certainly worse than too little in my case. I'm reading a book right now called Exercised. It's all about this topic by a scientist who studies biomechanical movements of the body or something. It starts by comparing Ironman athletes to these native people I forget where who do a 30 hour competition but it's TOTALLY different and the results. The native folks kick a ball, run slowly, have a whole party of it, have others join in and drop off at times...I've only started it but it's fascinating and i'm sure I'll be back to share on it.


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