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Pregnancy and weight
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Apr 12, 2022
If I'm following correctly, logical Letizia fully understands that it's normal and healthy to gain weight and have a bigger belly during pregnancy. The problem is "eating disorder voice," who has been asleep for a few years, decided to wake up and get involved. So, it's not a debate about how much weight to gain (something outside your control right now), but about how to deal with the disordered self-talk that has reemerged zombie-like at the worst possible time. How did you shut it down before? Because you did let yourself eat things it told you not to eat, rest when it told you to exercise, and treat yourself with kindness when it was being hateful. You wanted a better life, one without that disordered inner-critic causing havoc and wrecking your health. The more you challenged it and nothing bad happened, the less it had to say, probably. Then you got used to not hearing it, then when it sprang back up it felt scary and overwhelming, especially with a baby involved. Am I on the right track? The strategies that helped you before can still help you. It may have been things like calmly doing the opposite of what the eating disorder would have you do. Questioning the words it's putting in your brain. Treating yourself the way you would a cherished loved one. Creating distance between thoughts and actions. Managing stress in healthier ways. Think back on what really made a difference for you when you set yourself free the first time. Also, as someone who just went through menopause, female hormones are no joke. They can upend your whole life when they're surging or crashing. Pregnancy has to be a rollercoaster of changing hormones, which also means changing moods, energy, and sleep. There is some relief in just knowing that's what's happening. You're not going crazy. If a situation feels scary or infuriating or hopeless, giving it a day or a nap can shift the whole experience. I hope something in that helps a bit!
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