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"I Don't Enjoy Working Out"
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sarah too
Jan 20, 2022
I agree it's really important to do something to maintain strength and mobility as we age. The Iyengar Yoga sounds like a great option. I have weights at home but resist doing them by myself or just following a written or recorded program. I am much more apt to do strength training in a class setting. It's just more fun to me. Before the pandemic I took a strength class once or twice a week at a gym. One was focused on deadlifts. My friend who is a running coach and also taught a strength training for runners class at that same gym switched to zoom classes during the pandemic. I have the option to do them live or can do them recorded. Even though I'm by myself in my living room and on mute most of the time, I enjoy the "live" classes much more than the recorded versions. Where I live we have an indoor mask requirement so I'm not planning on going back to a gym until that's lifted. I learned how to swing kettlebells at a kettlebell specific gym. Those classes were probably the most fun, but also the most difficult. I think kettlebells are probably the best overall exercise, but if you haven't used them I'd recommend learning in person from an expert. It's really easy to go wrong (get injured and/or not get the most benefit out of them) with kettlebells if you aren't using them correctly. Aside from the classes, I also decided last year that I needed a minimum baseline that I did every day. I decided on pushups, planks and swings. I take days off here and there but for going on a year now I do these three exercises everyday. Just 3 sets of 10 each for the pushups and swings and 1 minute each of full plank, side plank each side and elbow plank. Sometimes I do a different core exercise to mix it up.
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sarah too
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