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sarah too
Sep 11, 2021
In Fun
I listen to a lot of podcasts, mostly when I run but also when I need to drive longer than 30 minutes. One recent favorite is the Huberman Lab Podcast. It's by Andrew Huberman who is a professor of Neurobiology & Ophthalmology at Stanford School of Medicine. He's a great speaker and has a mission to get science info out to the masses. If you're interested in the mind and neuroplasticity I suggest you give him a listen. I like that he bases his views on the science and peer reviewed studies published in well-respected journals. I first heard about him on the Rich Roll podcast and he's been on some other podcasts. His podcasts are long but that's my preference when I'm listening on runs. I'm trying to work my way through from the beginning (he started earlier this year) but today I skipped ahead and listened to his most recent episode about healthy and disordered eating. Very interesting! And as someone who had anorexia which morphed into bulimia his discussion of motivations and feelings around those disorders resonated. Essentially, he says anorexics reward system is turned around. They feel a dopamine rush from not eating whereas most people get excitement and pleasure from eating. However bulimics are not getting any kind of rush for their behaviors and there's a lot of shameful feelings. I might post more about this later in my personal journal. Maintenance Phase is also a good listen. I also listen to a lot of ultrarunning podcasts which I'm sure no one here cares about. lol :) Anyone else listening to some interesting podcasts?
sarah too
Nov 24, 2018
In Site Stuff
I haven't been able to get back into the happy eaters website so I created a duplicate account using one of my other emails. I like the app (which I'll use with my original account) but I just can't type that much with my thumbs. So I have this account for use on the website. They're both me! :)

sarah too

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