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Jul 06, 2023
Just a little update here on shows my husband and I have enjoyed lately. First of all: Taskmaster! It’s so ridiculous and fun. The UK version is the first and best…but we’ve also watched the NZ and Australian versions, and we love them, too! We love the show so much that we are now watching some of the Nordic versions with English subtitles. (You know I really love something if I’m willing to watch consistently with only subtitles. Haha!) I think I might have mentioned Taskmaster before, but I’m saying it again because it really is such a joy. Ted Lasso was great, although my husband and I found this likely final, third season to be quite underwhelming. The first season was superb, the second season was really good…and the third season felt like the writers weren’t sure where they were going and lost their spark. It’s definitely still a show worth watching, though. If you like period pieces, the latest series of All Creatures Great and Small is excellent. The characters make such a great ensemble crew. It’s a movie (rather than TV), but have any of you seen the new Mario movie? It’s adorable and hilarious. Bowser is completely unhinged. LOL. There is one song in particular that you will never get out of your head, though! My nephews never stop singing it. I literally wake up with it in my head sometimes. Haha! Two other movies that I highly recommend are Tetris and Air. They are both fascinating and entertaining at the same time. I’d love to hear if any of you have watched either of these. I learned so much in the Tetris movie that I never realized was happening at the time—and all due to a video game.


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